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Selection of photos of the Cottage and area

Living room area with sofa, chair, table and tv in the corner. Living room area from another angle with the dining table in the background. Dining room with the main dining table. Dining and Breakfast area with the main table and a breakfast counter. Some kitchen utensils: keetle, toaster, microwave Fully equipped Kitchen with it's wooden cupboards.
Kitchen showing the top area wooden cupboards. Kitchen showing it is fully equipped and offers space. Master bedroom that includes a double bed. Second Bedroom with a single bed and view of the back yard. Bathroom sink and toilet. Walls are painted white or dark purple Bathroom shower which is fully tiled inside.
Fully equipped Bathroom to satisfy people's bathroom needs. Photo of a meal being cooked: porc chops, sautées potatoes and brocoli. Living room with the dining room in the background. Living room shown light up at night. One of the lakes with a japanese style house. One of the many lakes and tracks people can walk on.
The main street in which ruby's cottage is located in. The town in which ruby's cottage is based from a higher view. The town in which ruby's cottage is based in black and white. The town in which ruby's cottage is based on a sunny day. The Cwmtillery Lakes, with a bridge overlooked by the black arches. Photo of one of the Abertillery lakes in the beautiful countryside
The valley of the area and one of the many walks user's can enjoy. Photo of the valley. The countryside with view on one of the lakes. View of the countryside on a stunning sunny day. A memorial monument based in Abertillery with a soldat statue on top of the memorial. View on the whole town of Abertillery from above. Valley in the area that the visitor can admire.
A small snuck away place amonsgt the valley to relax in. View from the top of the valley overlooking the town. Photo of a statue of a silver dragon, the welsh dragon. View from the top of the valey with a view on the surronding valley. Photo of a sculptur places amongst the valley. The town center  with a monument clock tower in the middle of the roundabout. Photo of a park that has a sculptur of a man and his dog.
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